All About Methyl B12 and why we care.

March 8, 2018

Did you know that there are several forms of B12 found in vitamins and the form you choose has a huge impact on how the vitamin will absorb, utilize and then affect your pregnancy, your baby and your overall health.


We've heard the term "methyl" or methylated vitamins, but what does that really mean?



Methylated vitamins have a methyl group (which is a structure of molecules already attached to the vitamin) making it active. In the case of B12, the base is a mineral called cobalt and how the cobalt is bound will depend on how active the vitamin is. When the methyl group is present, the vitamin is active and is able to be utilized. Vitamin B12 comes in several forms. The most common found in fortified foods and vitamins is cyanocobalamin. In order for your body to utilize it, it has to take off the cyano and then add a methyl group to it, making it methylcombalamin. These 2 extra steps take time and resources that not every person may have.


There are many individuals who have a sluggish methylation system not allowing them to add on the methyl groups as efficiently. Some just don't have enough methyl groups around and others may not be able to do the addition process well. So when taking an inactive form such as cyonocomabalamin, if a person can't properly activated it, their B12 status is not going to be sufficient. The metnylcobalamin form is already methylated (meaning methyl group is already on it) therefore there are no extra steps necessary and no conversions needed for the body to get the form that it can use RIGHT NOW.


B12 is essential in pregnancy as it helps with nervous system development (when combined with folate can help prevent spina bifida) and supports energy levels. Don't skimp and make sure your vitamin has the most activated form to provide you with the very needed b12 for you and your body.While you are checking out labels, also take a look at the amount of B12. You may be surprised as many vitamins contain between 6 and 15 mcg of B12. While that gives you some, it is not nearly enough to optimally support your body (especially in the first trimester when most people do not feel great and tend to have more aversions to meats that are high in B12). We are thrilled to have 100 mcg of the active methylcobalamin in our prenatal to makes sure you and your body have plenty of this energy and nerve building vitamin.



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