DHA Vitamins for Pregnancy and Postpartum.   Pure Triglyceride Omega 3 Small Fish Mercury Free. 500/110 mg DHA/EPA  2-Month Supply (60 softgels)


  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our supplements contain the highest concentration of triglycerides possible (90–100%), which are made of omega 3 oil for optimal absorption and stability. Our supplements contain no synthetic ether esters unlike most fish oil products, which only require 60% Omega oil to be considered Triglyceride\(TG). Capsules are free of mercury, toxins, contaminants, and PCBs.


  • HEALTHY LIFE FOR MOM & BABY: Studies show that DHA may help brain and eye development for babies as it makes up to 93–97% of the total omega-3 fats in the brain and retina. It may help reduce the risk of premature delivery, postpartum depression related to DHA depletion, inflammation, eczema in children, and asthma. Helps support developing baby/infants and adults alike.

  • GENTLE VITAMINS: Our one a day, prenatal/postnatal softgel is easy to swallow and won’t contribute to nausea, heartburn, fish-burps, or constipation. Each pill is gentle on your stomach and gives you the full amount of DHA needed for pregnancy & postpartum in just one softgel. Easier to handle than most other prenatal/postnatal gummy, drink, and capsule vitamins.


  • QUALITY CONTROL: We use only high-quality, therapeutically-active ingredients from the purest regions. Our DHA comes from small fish that are caught wild, eliminating many toxins like metals and PCBs that are found in many other fish oils. These bioavailable nutrients will keep both moms and babies healthy and balanced.

  • VIBRANT BEGINNING PROMISE: Our DHA supplements are made in an FDA-regulated GMP- and NSF-certified facility and were expertly crafted by a clinical nutritionist and certified nurse midwife with 16 years of experience. As moms and professionals they know how best to meet your prenatal and postnatal nutrient needs. With meticulous attention to detail, they created their own ideal, pure vitamin formula.



Brilliant DHA - 500 mg DHA 110 mg EPA

  • Made in a GMP certified facitliy. Non-GMO Whole Food PreNatal Vitamin. American Manufactured and made. MADE IN THE USA