Premium Vitamins for PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM

The Absolute BEST in Natural + Whole Food, Highly Bio-available, methylated and chelated vitamins. Supremely designed for brainy Prenatal & Postnatal moms. Made by experts who are also picky moms. 

Premium Vitamins for PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM



No Nonsense. No synthetic fillers. Only exactly what your body needs.

  • ​Methylated Folate

  • Whole Food​

  • Vegetarian

  • Well Absorbed​

  • Highly Bioavailable

  • Clinically Proven


  • No Preservatives

  • No Gluten or Dairy

  • No Parabens​

  • No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners​

  • No Metals

  • No BPA

  • No GMOs



We are Kristin Mallon CNM, MS, RNC-OB and Inna Topiler Mooney MS, CNS - certified-nurse midwife/OB and certified clinical nutritionist and the founders of Vibrant Beginning. Our mission is to provide you with the purest nutrients and do all the research so you don't have to.


We have combined our clinical expertise with over 16 years in practice along with being mothers ourselves to create superior products. We hate seeing people suffer from information over load and confusion about which vitamins and minerals are truly important and we are here to save you time and stress without cutting corners.


We focus on a healthy preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal lifestyle. We know firsthand the power that a healthy diet and targeted nutrients can have on our patients’ health and we also discovered how critical getting the right supplements is to both the mom and baby. It is essential that these supplements are of the highest quality, ensuring their safety, potency and bio-availability. After all, what is in the capsule only matters if it gets properly absorbed.


When choosing supplements for our own use while we were pregnant (a total of 5 times so far) we ended up combing various formulations and adding individual ingredients to get everything we needed for preconception, pregnancy and the postnatal time. Our vanities looked like a pharmacy! Our goal was to provide women with everything they need (and nothing they don't) in one convenient product.  

In our own practices, we have been working with supplements and monitoring vitamin levels through blood and cellular testing to understand how vitamins are absorbed and utilized. Seeing this, we require a much higher standard of quality than what is often available at the local drug and health food stores. 
We've done extensive research on which forms are superior as well as how women specifically are uniquely different before pregnancy, during and after. We searched high and low and when we could not find a prenatal and postnatal that was perfect, we set out to create one! 


We follow the strictest guidelines of high quality raw ingredients to confirm that what is on the label is exactly what is in the product. You would be shocked at how many companies don’t measure up in testing to what they claim is in their bottles.

These supplements are the same ones that we use daily with our patients in our practices. They are hand selected from years of experience and testing and we know they show consistent results.


We also stay current on the latest research and information and continuously integrate these findings into the protocols and product line. You can feel confidant you are getting the highest quality products with unsurpassed purity and most of all with proven effectiveness.

As experts in our field and moms ourselves, we did that research for you, so you don't have to get a PhD in vitamins to choose the best one. From brainy mom to brainy mom, we've got you! 

People come back to Vibrant Beginning because they know they’ll will not find a higher quality vitamin or product anywhere else.